Hancock signals crackdown on agency staff

The health secretary Matt Hancock has signalled that he will attempt to cut the amount of agency staff currently working for the NHS. Speaking at the 
NHS Providers Conference in Manchester he said he was “frustrated” at the use of agency nurses to cover vacancies in the NHS. He also said;

“We’ve also got to remember, as leaders of people, that agency hits morale because if you’re working at three o’clock in the morning on a nurse station and the person next to you is in the hospital for their first time and they find it very hard to do as good a job, you’ve been there for years, and they’re being paid several times more than you for the same shift, and they don’t have the responsibilities and can walk out the door if it all gets a bit much, then that is demoralising.”

Probably his most concerning comment for agency nurses was;

“There has already been downward pressure on agency use in the last couple of years but boy there’s going to be a whole lot more.”

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