About us

My name is Sue and I am the founder of The Agency Nurse. I am an agency nurse and left the security of the NHS over 3 years ago after becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to care for patients properly, due to the pressures faced in today’s NHS. Alongside me in this venture is Rachel, a nurse with over 30 years experience and knowledge of agency nursing in the NHS and private sector.

Since leaving I have developed a wide range of new skills, met some fabulous new people and had opportunities I never would have known about if I had still been in my substantive role alone. I still work for the NHS in various roles, the difference now, is that I have the flexibility to pick and choose when and where I work as I pick up these contracts via agencies.

After looking for articles, training, CPD etc which were tailored to being an autonomous worker I struggled to find any information and so….The Agency Nurse Magazine was born.

There is still a stigma about agency nurses being worse than the regular staff etc etc and I am sure many of you have some horrific stories of bad treatment and places of work. (Please send us those stories)

Here at The Agency nurse we want to raise the profile of all agency workers within healthcare and show we are a valuable and highly skilled part of any team we work with.

The magazine will feature articles relating to agency healthcare working, as well as CPD, stories from other agency workers, clinical articles, recipes, puzzles, agency job opportunities and hopefully much more.

I hope this will become a valuable resource for every agency worker within the healthcare environment, whereby, we can promote knowledge sharing and success amongst us all.